SAN DIEGO Week 2 Previews

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Just three weeks into the season, most—if not all—teams in the county are still on their

quest to understand exactly how they will stack up for the season. But for the #4 San Marcos Knights and Oceanside Pirates, their match-up holds much

more than just a W in the record.

The Avocado-West league carries a serious argument as the toughest and deepest

league in the county, and the opportunity to capture the illustrious league title is not one

that is put lightly. It seems early for a league bout, but for Oceanside senior quarterback Kyrin Beachem, it’s just another contest.

“Each game for Oceanside is a big game”

True…But for a league that produced half of the teams in last year’s Open Division

bracket, they supply much more to the table.

This is the earliest league duel of the 2018 season, and for Oceanside sophomore

athlete Kavika Tua, it’s something he thinks they are more than ready for.

“We’re ready for the competition, I like that we’re starting off week three with league


Tua, who scored four touchdowns last Friday, finds a great deal of his in-game

motivation from the Pirate home fans.

“That’s the energy I feed off you know is the crowd, if the crowd is wild that just gets me

hyped and I feel like I really do show out.”

San Marcos senior quarterback is not new to the home-field advantage at Oceanside,

playing there the past two seasons. Hastings has come out of Oceanside victorious the past two seasons, in 2016 with Torrey Pines and 2017 with San Marcos. Hastings noted how he finds the key to success is creating early tempo.

“We need to start off fast, we can’t let them use their home crowd as advantage.”

San Marcos sits at 2-0 on the season, with two impressive come-from-behind wins over

Otay Ranch and Grossmont. The early fortune, in Hastings’ words comes from the high

maturity level of the team.

“Even when we’re down, it doesn’t seem like it, guys have really stepped up as leaders.”

Tonight’s meeting could be the toughest test for the Knights so far, and senior slot

receiver Dane Olsen noted how there’s been a notable change to the team atmosphere.

“Practice this week has been great, I can tell that we’ve stepped it up a notch, we want

to start off league right. We want to show what we have to offer.”

As for the Pirates, Oceanside’s train chugs off momentum.

“The defense feeds off the offense. Once the defense sees the offense playing good,

they feel like they need to start doing good too…They feed off our energy,” Tua said.

As San Marcos has been able to compete against extreme adversity, and Oceanside is

an avalanche waiting to burst, the first few minutes of the game could play out to be a

major factor in the outcome.

“I really think it’s going to be a battle…overall I think that we both have momentum but

we’ll just see who can come out with it,” Olsen said.

With both teams entering arguably their most pertinent game of the season to date, their

collective strengths will be pushed to the max, in more ways than one.