1 - Chris Brown.jpg


It can be hard to say just what makes Brown such a good player, maybe it's the fact that he hits like a MAC truck or maybe it's that he doesn't fumble the ball when you hand it to him. Brown has the size and speed of a college player already and hasn't started his senior year of football at the time of this post. Look for him to be a workhorse directly tied to the success of the El Camino Wildcats and to be sought after by every college in the nation.

2 - Isaac Tayor Stuart.jpg


Blink and you'll miss him on the field. Lots of kids are fast, but Isaac is officially the fastest high school football player in the country. His speed allows him to be in on every play making big things happen. It's safe to say that this highlight making machine will be one of the key pieces in the San Diego high school football landscape this year. 

3 - Jack Tuttle.jpg


A special quarterback talent in just about every way that you break it down. The Utah commit can place a ball to any receiver with ease and grace. He will be the kind of player that years from now we are all saying 'I saw him when', the only question is how does that end? With CIF? With State? Will records fall? All of this seems very much within Tuttle's grasp this season. 

4 - Chris Fatilua.jpg


Ever heard the saying silent but deadly? Well that's Chris Fatilua in a nut shell. This kid is a total package linebacker, he can stop both the run and pass game on an elite level. Offenses will game plan for stopping this kid and rarely have any success. Look for him to post historic numbers this season. 

5 - Kyle Phillips.jpg

Kyle is an upper echelon receiver who knows how to get open like Christmas presents and then add on huge chunks of yards after the catch. His shifty route-running demoralized defenses for 14 yards per reception and 11 receiving touchdowns in 2016. In limited attempts, he also impacted special teams with an average 10.5 yards per punt return and another TD. He has a new starting QB to work with, but expect bigger numbers for Phillips this season.

Like-father-like-son, JR is a home run hitter on the football field. He is an elite receiver who has a tendency to stretch defenses with his speed, often requiring him to be double-covered which then provides open targets elsewhere. That type of attention and impact is highly valuable to any offense; especially to the tune of 20 yards per reception and 12 TD's. Even with a new arm under center, Justice's senior season will likely be a grand slam.

7 - Donovan Laie.jpg


Donovan is a millionaire offensive lineman; not in terms of financial income, but because of his ability to buy his quarterback all the time he needs in the pocket. His blocking certainly pays off in the run-game as well. As long as Laie's front-line dominance continues, he very well may be able to collect million-dollar checks while he's playing on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays in the future.

8 - Mozes Mooney.jpg

Mozes is six points waiting to happen any and every play he is a part of. He's an elite athlete overall who will drop jaws as a receiver, ball-carrier, passer, defensive back, returner, and even as a kicker. Mooney alone averaged a little more than 11 points scored per game while playing in 14 contests for the Knights last season and he's coming for a lot more in 2017.

9 - Rashad Scott.jpg

Great Scott, Rashad has a full compliment of size, speed, agility, strong hands and route-running that can break down the best of secondary units. He's picked up where he left off from his productive 2016 junior season by already turning heads in this year's preseason action. As the regular season swiftly approaches, all things indicate that Scott and the Highlander hype are real.

10 - Martell Irby.jpg


Martell was one of the most dominant running backs in the SD Section last season. Just a handful of his notable stats from 2016 include 8.5 yards per carry, over 150 rushing yards per game, 22 rushing TD's, five successful two-point conversions, and six catches for over 25 yards per reception. Look out, Irby paired with top-50 senior teammate, Tim Patrick, makes for a scary-great Morse offense in 2017.

11 - Tysean White.jpg


As the third head of the monster that is St. Augustine's linebacker corps, Tysean flashes defensive tenacity each time he touches the field. In 2016, he plagued offenses for 9.5 sacks, a forced fumble, and two fumble recoveries, including one that he returned to the house. Ball-carriers be warned: you can run away, but you can't hide from White and his shut-down counterparts this season.


Isaiah established himself as one of Olympian's biggest all-around playmakers last season. Whether on offense, defense, or special teams, he found ways to make a major impact for his team. Williams will be a focal point for the Eagles again in 2017 as they look to improve upon an 8-5 record and win the section title.


Olave had to sit out last season due to CIF transfer rules so in case you haven't been paying attention to passing league this kid is a rising star. With a combo of size, agility and great hands he could start on any team in the county. The icing on the cake is that Olave has a top QB to throw to him, look for 2017 to be a historic year for the kid. 


Demitri is an athlete whose collegiate stock rises after every game. His versatility allows him to perform at a high level on either side of the ball. He has scouts' full attention after he scored six rushing TD's, plus one scoop-and-score for a total of seven, 13 tackles-for-loss, and nine sacks last season. In 2017, Washington gives his Eagles a shot to improve upon last year's nine-win season.


Ike spent a lot of time behind the line of scrimmage in 2016. He tormented quarterbacks and ball-rushers for seven QB hurries, ten sacks, nine tackles-for-loss, and a forced fumble. The Saints lost a significant group of offensive starters during the offseason. However, with Hall returning this season alongside two other top-50-caliber linebackers, they'll still compete well for league and section titles.


Linnan gives his opponents big problems despite being a slightly undersized defender. Last season, his second year on varsity, his impact mirrored that of a cannonball as he averaged a little over eight tackles per game and even snagged a pick-six along the way. This Pirate will likely pillage and plunder more loot from offenses in 2017.


Andrew had a notable 2016 campaign. He collected 64 solo tackles out of a total 83 and an average of about seven per game. His seven tackles-for-loss, five QB hurries, four sacks, four pass deflections, and a forced fumble also complimented his defensive skill set. Yards will not come easily against Alves this season.


Kenyon only played in one game for Mission Bay last season. That brief glimpse was all anyone needed to realize his playmaking abilities. He finished that game with an impressive 80 rushing yards on five yards per carry and two TD's, two catches for another 16 yards, and an interception. Sims is bringing his talents to Lincoln High School in 2017.


Andrew's size and strength cause coaches and coordinators a great deal of stress. Keeping him out of the end zone is no simple task regardless of which side of the ball he's on, because in 2016, he almost scored as many TD's as a defender as he did on offense. Mataafa is sure to put more sixes in the Sundevils' score column this season.


If Rocky hypothetically wasn't a suitable name for this Wildcat then Rambo should have been the runner-up. He's a tenacious competitor who leaves it all on the field after every game. Katoanga is one of the big reasons why El Camino is coming into the 2017 season with rising expectations.


As the first stitch of the safety blanket called the O-line, Dunkle crushes the will of any defender bold enough to challenge him. Exchanges commonly end with said defender on their back sandwiched between William and the turf. Eastlake will have a great chance to make a statement with him on the front lines in 2017.


Ball-carriers rarely have the chance to fall forward after making initial contact with Louis. He is a sure-tackler who has a knack for shutting down running lanes. If defense wins championships, the Falcons are legitimate contenders with Bickett among their ranks.


Garrett is an upper echelon run-blocker who makes running backs' jobs much easier with the vast holes he creates. This 6'5", 270-pound bulldozing lineman will punish defenders who make the mistake of not taking the long way around him to get to the ball this season.


Tim is a real Jack of all trades. He averaged more than a first down for every time he carried, caught, and passed the pigskin last season. His 16 total touchdowns included an 87-yard kickoff return as well. Morse is going to rely on Patrick and his high-octane production as the go-to guy in 2017.


Size and versatility. Thomas is one of San Diego's must under the radar talents. It's a new generation at Carlsbad and Thomas will be a backbone of the Lancer's production on both sides of the ball. 

Josh knows how to fill up a stat sheet. In 2016, he racked up 432 all-purpose yards with six total touchdowns and when the Knights were in 4th-and-long his 13 punts averaged nearly 50 yards. Also, his 11.6 tackles per game, 6.5 sacks, and a forced fumble were a testament to his defensive prowess. Bornes' do-it-all capabilities are going to be vital to San Marcos this season.


Cesar was a key player on a Warhawk defense that pestered California offenses on its way to a state title last season. He hustled for 24 QB hurries, 14.5 sacks, one forced fumble, and even made a case to join the "Hands Team" with an interception. Don't be surprised to see Nillaga have more success in 2017.


DTG is a force at defensive end. His quickness off the edge helped him record eight tackles per game and 13 total sacks last season. He also had an offensive stat line of 7.7 yards per carry on 38 touches and six catches averaging 24 yards per reception. Gonzalez is going to attract a ton of attention in 2017 no matter which side of the ball he lines up on.


Malachi is a naturally gifted playmaker with speed, agility, and strong hands. He's the type of player who can take a five-yard route in tight coverage for a +40-yard TD. He scored 24 receiving touchdowns and led the state of California with 1,742 receiving yards in 2016. Russell is going to torch secondaries some more in 2017.


Oliver played only six games in 2016, but made his presence known defensively with 13
tackles (seven behind the line of scrimmage) and on offense with 15.5 yards per catch, 24 yards
per carry, and three total touchdowns. His senior year will be spectacular if he’s able to play the
full season and replicate this level of productivity.


A game-changing wideout, Malcolm is an effective run-blocker, has explosiveness to
beat press coverage off the line of scrimmage, decent speed to create separation on deep
routes, as well as great ball skills to make in-air adjustments and catch the ball at its highest
point. This Bronco looks like Pegasus when he’s flying around the field picking up nearly 18
yards per catch.


Jalen established himself as a titanic force at the line of scrimmage last season. His
relentless pursuit of the ball led him to 75 tackles in 10 games. Entering his third year on varsity, Graham will lead his fellow linemen by example in order to secure more wins in 2017.


Folsom acquired 24 tackles in six games before his 2016 season was unfortunately cut
short. The immense interior lineman will look to have a dominant bounce-back 2017 campaign
with the Pointers.


The Highlanders’ finished 2016 as the 7th ranked passing offense in the San Diego
Section thanks to Carson’s arm. He showcased impressive efficiency by recording a 23:5
touchdown-to- interception ratio, averaging 213.5 yards per game, and completing nearly 67% of his throws. With an abundance of talented targets this year, Baker has a chance to put up even greater numbers.


A physically imposing and naturally strong figure, Perrone is a huge force on the interior of a run heavy offense. With max lifts of 500+ lbs. on multiple tests Perrone is one of the strongest linemen in the county. He should have no problem taking his country strength and applying it to a massive senior campaign. 

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Equipped with notable awareness and footwork, he has the makings of a lock-down DB who can make open-field tackles and create turnovers. Offensive coordinators may want to think twice before calling plays in Jones’ direction in 2017.

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In 2016, Sesma played much bigger than he actually is. He recorded four 200-yard performances on his way to averaging six yards per carry and around 175 rushing yards per game for the season. Expect the Red Devils’ offense to heavily feature him again when the season kicks off.

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Dell’Acqua is a massive trench warrior. Last season, his blocking skills provided huge gains for the Crusaders’ explosive offense while his disruptive abilities on the D-line subtracted chunks of yards from opposing teams. Dell’Acqua will be a significant factor of his team’s performance in 2017.

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Joshua has an ideal skill set as an edge-rusher. In 2016, his quick first-step often propelled him past offensive tackles and into unsuspecting ball-carriers before the third Mississippi was called. Prepare to watch McNish-Heider wreak havoc all over again in the upcoming season.

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One of the hidden gems of San Diego's South Bay Ferreira is as explosive as he is elusive. He totaled 1645 receiving yards and 15 TD's all while getting double teamed on a majority of plays. With a new quarterback and beefed up o-line this should be a huge senior season for the Lancer.

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Last season Jackson totaled a jaw dropping 4056 passing yards and 46 TD's so its safe to say that he's a proven commodity. That being said there is room for growth with another year under his belt, in addition to the bevy of offensive weapons he has to choose from he also has the strength and speed to keep plays alive.  

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Totaling almost 1500 yards last season in his first full season in charge of the Mavericks offense Neufeld showed that he has the tools to succeed. With a beefed up offense around him 2017 should be an marquee season for him.

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Part wrecking ball and part jack rabbit Sterling was burst on to the scene last season as a huge part of the Grossmont Foothillers rise to becoming an Open Division school. He averaged 8 yards per carry and scored 6 touchdowns in an injury abbreviated season last year. Look for those numbers to double this season as he becomes the workhorse of the offense in 2017.

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Totaling 1011 receiving yards last season Steward established himself as an explosive talent that can't be ignored. With an improved Wildcat offense around him he should see a dynamic increase in touches. Where his talents begin to distinguish themselves is his versatility to be able to return kicks and contribute on defense. He will be a vital part of what should be a huge year for El Camino.

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The positions listed for Jackson understate his role on a football field. A two way player who can run any route with the best of them as well as stick at the hip of any receiver he is lined up against. A huge part of the Knight's CIF run last season he should have another monster year in 2017.

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Another huge bully that Helix has on their line Avii is going to be a huge reason that Carson Baker has time to throw this season. 



A dual threat in the making Grady showed skill with both his arm and his legs last season. With the landscape in the Western League different than last season he is poised to blow up.

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The Highlander linebacker was all over the field as a junior collecting 78 tackles, 2 INTs, and 2 safeties.  He was named to the All-Grossmont Hills League Second Team Defense last season. Look for him to be a highlight of one of the best defenses in SD in recent years.

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Hartzog showed improvement as a junior in his second season as the varsity QB for the Hornets.  He threw for 1730 yards and 15 TDs while rushing for 323 and 3 TDs.  He boasts a 4.6 40 yard dash time and should benefit form having already logged 21 games at quarterback in his career.

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Throwing for 33 TD’s and almost 3000 yards last season Oedewaldt led the Sultans to a CIF finals appearance while making a name for himself as a premier downfield passer.

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Totaling a staggering 12 sacks and 83 tackles last season Figueroa came to define what it means to be ‘tough between the tackles’. With another year of growth he should be a county leader in all sorts of categories for d-linemen.


With a combo of speed and size that makes him a four down back Dixon gives Mission Hills a dynamic element to their ground game that should see huge numbers in 2017.

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Throwing for 20 TD’s and almost 200 yards last season Reitmeyer lead the Eagles to a 10 – 3 season and a CIF finals appearance. With a solid receiving core that includes his younger brother returning this year he should have no problem topping his stats from 2016.

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As part of a lethal Helix line that led the Scotties to an Open Division final appearance last season Rojas is the kind of big man in the middle who may not have tons of stats to his name but is still vital to every play. On both sides of the ball he will have no problem being an impact player for Helix this season.

A huge part of why Torrey Pines was able to average almost 200 rushing yards per game last season was due to Raab being an absolute force of nature at Center. Combining a huge football I.Q. with his physical skill set Raab should have an amazing senior season for the Falcons.


As an all out threat on the end of the line Azevedo is set to follow up a breakout Junior season with a year of chasing down QB’s and stopping the run as the featured star of Clairemont’s 2017 Defense. With a lot more size and speed this season he should be a standout all year long.


Throwing for 1547 yards and 14 TD’s last season Fishburne showed that he can be an arm worth watching. With a year under his belt and a much improved offense he should have a memorable senior season.

James Shannon mention.jpg



Last year Shannon averaged just over 17 yards per catch and brought down 3 TD’s. This season as the projected featured slot receiver at Maranatha Christian he should see tons of ball thrown his way which should directly translate into a monster year.